Saturday, January 21, 2017

Week 19

Welcome back from a 3 day weekend. This week, we learned all about why we had Monday off of school. We learned all about Martin Luther King, Jr., both in reading and social studies. We read a lot of books and watched a lot of short videos about him. 

I started off the lesson by passing out stickers only to the girls. The boys were quite upset. This really helped to set the stage for fairness and we had a long discussion about it before the boys were also given stickers too. This helped them to relate to the inequality that was happening during his time. We learned that Martin had a dream that people were not judged by the color of their skin.

We did a little application to this message. I brought in a white and brown egg. We talked about how they were different on the outside, but when we cracked them open, they were the same on the inside. This is how Martin also saw people.

He taught people to fight with love and not their fists. We created our big words, after reading Martin's Big Words.

We also had fun creating pictures of him.

In math this week, we focused on the numbers in the teens. We used double tens frames to construct numbers in the teens.

We also were introduced to base ten blocks, where we also constructed numbers in the teens. The goal is to get students to count on from ten without having to recount the ten each time. This will help when we decompose numbers from 20. 

We practiced addition problems where we added 10 to a number.

The students earned a pajama party on Monday due to their great behavior on Friday. If they want, they can wear their pajamas to school. This is what the class voted on as a reward.

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