Saturday, January 7, 2017

Week 17

Welcome back. It was so good to see everyone's smiling faces after the break. I got so many sweet hugs. It's been fun hearing about all the adventures the children had during their time off.

This week in language arts, we learned about inferences. We look at the pictures and information from the book we are reading and pair it with our schema (what we already know) to make a guess as to what we think will happen. We worked on this with a gingerbread man unit. We read many gingerbread man stories and used them to make inferences about what would happen. We compared the characters and settings in these books. Here are some of the books that we read.

We had fun acting out the gingerbread song.

We also worked on the "ag" word family and our sight words were "look" and "you".  Please make sure your child knows all the required sight words for kindergarten. You can find a list for them on my blog under the sight word tab. I would suggest writing them on notebook cards and reviewing them daily. Also, we are really focusing on reading groups and it is important that you are reading with your child at home nightly for 15 minutes. The students need to be on a level C by the end of the year.

We focused on a character trait "perseverance" this week. We read this book and applied it to our learning.

We are enjoying our choice time and are trying to do it daily. It is a great way for socialization and it is neat to see what the child's interests are. It is a great creative outlet. Here are some pictures from choice time this week.

In math, we began our addition unit. We worked on combining groups. We read books about ducks, frogs, ants and cookies and worked to combine the groups. We acted out stories too. We enjoyed our math centers when finished.

In science, we learned about magnets. Here are some of the books we read and some of our magnet exploration.

We also learned about motion and the different ways that objects move.

They had fun testing cars and balls and learning about friction that slows things down and the forces of gravity.

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