Friday, November 11, 2016

Week 12

We had another busy week in kindergarten. In language arts, we continued to talk about the roles of the author and illustrator in nonfiction books. We also took a closer look at text features. We have begun doing some writing using prompts. The children seem to be enjoying that. This is in preparation for our PBL (project based learning) unit on families that we will be starting after Thanksgiving. 

In science, I wanted to show you some of the student's work from last week on rocks. Here is the rock chart we made on the physical characteristics of rocks.

Here is some great work from their science journals about their rocks.

We learned about different kinds of soil.

We also got to explore topsoil, potting soil and mulch.

We learned about the seasons.

We wrote in our science journals about them.

We also created group projects on the seasons.

I apologize, but summer and fall will not turn the right direction no matter what I try.

We also learned about leaves.

We wrote about the physical properties of our leaves in our journals.

We read the book, The Mitten to help learn about how much a glove holds (lots of animals).

We reviewed length, height and weight and took an assessment test. Most children are doing very well with measurement.

In math, we work on capacity. The students had fun exploring how much objects would hold using our beans.

In social studies, we got to learn about the election and we got to vote for president at Sommer Elementary.

We also learned about Veterans Day and had a wonderful assembly.

We had a lot of rainy day indoor recesses this week. I think the children really enjoyed playing indoors and especially enjoyed painting.

Also, there are consequences of staying indoors. We read a book to help us learn to get along with others and to treat each other with respect.

We were excited to get our books from the Donors Choose Project. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of those who donated. The students are really enjoying the books.

I have been retesting reading levels gradually. Thank you to those who are regularly using Raz Kids and reading to your children. It shows and they are making leaps and bounds. Please remember to read for 15 minutes each day. This is the most important thing you can do to promote their learning. Have a great weekend.

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