Friday, November 4, 2016

Week 11

We had a fun week in kindergarten. We started off the week with Halloween. The class looked so cute in their costumes and they had fun wearing them to school.

We had a fun day. We kicked off our science unit on rocks by creating rock monsters. We really enjoyed decorating them.

Mrs. Hampf invited our class over to her room to watch some Halloween cartoons. When we came back, our room moms had surprised us with Halloween goodies. Thank you so much!

In reading this week, we continued learning about the roles of the author and the illustrator in nonfiction books. We examined two different nonfiction books closely and looked at the features in these books.

We did a readers response to a nonfiction book.

In science, we had fun learning about rocks.

We made an interactive physical properties of rocks chart (which apparently I forgot to take pictures of but will post next week because it is so awesome). We explored rocks and sorted them by their physical properties. We compared rocks and wrote about them in our science journals.

In math, we learned about weight. Here are a couple of the fun books we read.

We enjoyed using the balance scale to weigh and compare weight.

We also loved having some choice time after a busy week.

We didn't get to our soil unit this week as planned, but we will cover that on Monday.

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