Saturday, October 22, 2016

Week 9

This week in reading, we focused on the setting of the story.

Our focus books were the Three Little Pigs. We read all sorts of stories and identified the characters and settings in each. We noticed how the characters matched the setting in the stories.

We found familiar stories and we found the characters and settings in them with our partners.

Our highlight this week was definitely going on our first field trip to see the True Story of the Three Little Pigs.

It wore some out too!

We had our writing partners review our writing and offer suggestions.

We learned the sight words "my" and "at" this week. We learned a fun song to the tune of the old Batman theme and had fun making silly words with this song. Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba....batman, ca ca ca ca ca ca ca....catman, etc. The students were shown that if they know how to spell at, there are many words they will know how to spell in the "at" word family.

In science this week, we learned about energy.

We focused on heat energy. We made heat energy by creating friction. We learned about which objects are the best conductors of heat energy.

We also learned about light and sound energy.

Math this week was full of review and assessments. No pictures available as I was busy assessing for report cards.

We celebrated Landon's birthday this week. Happy 6th birthday, Landon!

We also enjoyed having a Watch D.O.G. join us. The children had fun playing with Surina's dad at recess.

Next week is Red Ribbon Week. Be sure to look at the schedule for the fun and exciting things the children get to do/wear each day.

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