Saturday, October 15, 2016

Week 8

This week was all about pumpkins. Thank you for bringing in pumpkins. Your child had so much fun with them. We filled out a KWL chart this week. The K stand for what we know about pumpkins, the W for what we want to learn and the L for what we learned. Your child should be pumpkin experts by now.

We read many books about pumpkins.

In science, we explored the physical properties of our pumpkins and wrote about them in our science journals. It was really fun to cut them open and explore the insides. Learning about the pumpkin life cycle was fun too. We connected our learning to the lift cycle of an apple tree.

In math, we worked on our numbers through ten and reviewed shapes (vertices and edges). We played a matching game where we had to find our partner. Each student was given a card with either a numeral or dot matrix on it. They would walk around to the music and find their partner.

We played a goldfish counting game where we made sets by counting out goldfish after rolling a dice and then comparing numbers with our partner. The best part was eating them when we were done.

We made pictures using attributes and could only use the number of shapes that was listed on our paper. We traced it and counted edges and vertices.

We also practiced our number writing by playing Race to Trace. We added two die together and traced the corresponding number until one player had all numbers traced. This is an easy and fun way to practice number writing at home.

In reading this week, our focus book was Chicken Little. 

We learned about characters this week and identified what they could do. There were so many characters in Chicken Little. We could retell the story using characters.

We had a visit by Mrs. Dyke to do a counselor lesson with Kelso the Frog. We also had an enrichment lesson by Mrs. Ruppert-Stratton to help stretch our brains.

One of our favorite things to do this week was choice time. We are learning about being respectful and practicing those skills as we are in our choice time centers.

The entire school was treated to Kona Ice in reward for making our goal in the Stuff the Boot fundraiser.

We also celebrated Grayson's birthday. Happy 6th Birthday, Grayson!

If you are able to help, please go to sign up genius to help with our counting collections. If you have any small objects that would be good to add to our counting collections, please feel free to send with your child. Your support is appreciated.

Thanks to the parent that gave an IKEA gift card and the parent that provided Avery labels this week. I appreciate your help supporting our classroom.

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