Friday, October 7, 2016

Week 7

Thank you for helping us stuff the boot. This week, we earned Zoey the Zebra in our classroom for having the most donations of any class at Sommer. We also hit 100% of our goal by the end of the week. Thank you for your support.

This week was all about apples. We focused on apples in all subject areas. Here are some of the books that we read.

We made connections to text and ourselves through our reading.

We learned and acted out new vocabulary words.

We learned a poem and hand motions that go along with it too and put it in our poetry notebook after sequencing the poem.

We read a story about a little red house with no windows and doors and a star inside. We learned that an apple had a star in the middle.

We learned about the parts of an apple and the properties of apples. We measured, compared, and tasted apples. We graphed our favorite.

In math, we continued to talk about shapes.

We played with the attribute blocks and sorted them many different ways (color, shape, size, thickness, corners/vertices). Then we played the attribute train game.

We also are working out blurting out and interrupting. This book helped us to learn to raise our hands when we need to say something.

Next week, there is no school on Monday to allow for parent conferences. The book fair will be happening in the library all week. Parents are welcome to go to the book fair on Monday and buy or preview books. Please send money with your child if you choose to allow them to purchase books at the library. There is tax charged too, so please account for this. We will not have library this week due to the book fair.

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