Saturday, October 29, 2016

Week 10

In language arts this week, we learned the difference between fiction and nonfiction books.

We spent the week looking through both fiction and nonfiction books and comparing them so that we could tell the difference between the two. We sorted them and we chose a nonfiction book. We made our first reading response to that book.

We learned about adding more detail to our writing after reading this book and paying close attention to the illustrations and the use of color and shading that the illustrator uses.

In science, we learned about the physical characteristics of water.

We created a list of them from our learning after reading books and watching videos.

We created our own drop with the facts we learned.

Our favorite part was water exploration.

We also learned about the sources of water and what we use water for.

In math, we learned about measurement. We worked on measuring and comparing length. We know the importance of starting the objects at the same point when comparing them.

We compared the length of fish and put them in order from shortest to longest.

We also wrote our names in blocks and compared the length of our names. We got a block for each letter of our name and also compared the train of blocks and found others that had the same number of blocks, so they had the same number of letters in their name.

We then learned about height. We learned the difference between length and height and practiced measuring height by comparing our heights. We then compared everyday objects and then sorted pictures.

We enjoyed working with our counting collections. Thanks to all that brought in objects to help us with that. We are learning how to organize our thinking to make counting easier by grouping.

We also learned about tally marks and how to use them to record.

We had fun celebrating Romi's birthday. She opened a birthday present that she gave to the class. She also brought us all a light up ball. Thanks for the presents and the cupcakes and happy 6th birthday!

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