Friday, September 30, 2016

Week 6

This week was all about community helpers. We learned about them both during our social studies and reading time. Here are some of the books we read. We also read books online at PebbleGo.

We wrote about what we wanted to be when we grew up. It just melts my heart that so many want to be teachers!

We made a community helper book and practiced writing our sight word "I".

We made doctor bags and put a doctor's tools inside.

We made police officer puppets.

We even had our mug shots taken and were fingerprinted.

We learned about what it is like to be a postal worker and we practiced writing letters and addressing envelopes to each other.

We were lucky to have several community helpers visit our school. We were excited to have Maryam's mom tell us about being a doctor and showing us her tools.

We had fire fighters come and Mrs. Stroh got to put on their uniform.

Mr. Campos came to tell us about being both a nurse and a soldier.

And we also learned about what a police officer does and he showed us his tools on his belt.

In math, we learned about shapes. We read and sang these books.

We talked about the properties of each shape and how they are alike and different. We made a chart that we put in our math journals.

We played a shape identification game to a song.

We explored shapes using the geoboards and created our own shapes.

We used the pattern blocks and found different shapes that could fill a triangle.

Next week we will be learning about apples. Please don't forget to bring an apple to school on Monday that we will be using this week for many activities.

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