Saturday, September 24, 2016

Week 5

This week we learned about colors. We tied this into science, math and reading. Here are some of the activities that we did.

We read this book and learned there are colors all around us in nature.

We were shown a picture of a rainbow with three colors and talked about primary colors.

Then we explored by mixing colors to make secondary colors. We wrote about what we noticed in our science journals.

We read the book Color Dance.

We explored mixing colors with paints and wrote what we observed in our science journals.

In science, we also began talking about physical properties and the way we can describe objects in matter. We created a  pocket chart of our learning.

We also practiced sorting objects by their physical properties.

We ended our science learning with a book where we listed objects according to their physical properties.

In reading, we read a color book, Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? We created our own brown bear books and put them in our book boxes.

We read Elmer and discussed comprehension questions together. We made connections with this book and talked about how we felt left out and what we can do when others feel left out.

We had fun coloring our own Elmer.

We read The Day the Crayons Quit and the Day the Crayons Came Back. We wrote letters to the crayons talking about why they were important to us.

We read Mouse Paint and enjoyed retelling the story with props.

We also read Chameleon, Chameleon and made our own chameleons in their habitat. The children did a fabulous job with these.

In math, we began a unit on sorting and graphing. We sorted ourselves by boy and girl. We sorted by hair color and clothing color. We had fun sorting our shoes by velcro and tie.

We learned that we can make graphs to help organize and count our data. We colored our favorite color and then made a class graph. We transferred this learning to our own graphs.

We also graphed our favorite kind of milk.

We read the book Chrysanthemum and counted the letters in our names. We represented them with numbers, ten frames and tally marks.

We had a lot of special activities this week. We got to meet one of our counselors this week, Mrs. Macre. She did an introduction lesson. She or Mrs. Dyke will visit us every three weeks.

We also had a fabulous visit from Masai Maggie. We enjoyed her puppet show and learned about many animals and their habitats.

We got to go to centers on Friday for the first time. The children really enjoyed them. We are hoping to earn my opportunities to do this again.

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