Saturday, September 17, 2016

Week 4

This week our focus in reading was on rhyming through the use of nursery rhymes. We found many rhyming words in popular nursery rhymes.

In addition to making small books and doing crafts, we worked on skills such as making words, finding rhyming pairs and sequencing the story.

We also worked on buddy reading during readers workshop.

In writing we read this story. The students were given sound and alphabet charts along with a personal word wall to add to their writing folder. We learned to use these items to help us with our writing. We also added more letters and numbers in our handwriting books. We enjoyed sharing our writing with others too.

In science, we had so much fun with our five senses. Here are some of the books we read.

Our experiments were the fun part. The first experiment we did was to determine which item was salt and which was sugar using our five senses.

The next one was to practice using the hand lens and microscope to see very small pictures.

We enjoyed the smelling jars and trying to predict what was in each jar.

We also used our hearing to make predictions about what was in the hearing jars.

We learned about ways to describe different things we felt by using our sense of touch.

In math, we worked on making ten and played many games to help us work on combinations. The first game we played was called snap it. We had ten unifix cubes. We put some behind our back and showed the remaining to our partner. They had to figure out how many were behind out back.

The next game was a memory game using ten frames and numerals to match.

We played spin and make.

We practiced our number writing on white boards to music.

We also played a dice game with our ten frames and practiced adding one more to a given number.

We worked and showed different ways to solve problems in our math journals.

We are so proud of our Key Stallions that were chosen as role models during our assembly. Way to go Landon and Romi!!!

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