Friday, September 9, 2016

Week 3

I hope you enjoyed the long Labor Day weekend. We packed our short week with lots of fun activities. This week, we began our Handwriting Without Tears program. We started off by making the letters with wood pieces. All letters are constructed with big lines, little lines, big curves or little curves.

We did "wet, dry, and try". This is how we practice making the letters. First we use a wet sponge to make the letter on the chalkboard. Then we dry it with a paper towel. Finally, we make the letter with the chalk. We apply this learning to our workbooks when we make the letters with a pencil. We covered the letters F, E, D, P, B, R, N and M this week.

In writing this week, we worked on adding to our story. We learned that when we are done, we have just begun. The children can go back and add more details to their picture. We learned how to label our story by stretching out words and writing down the letters that we heard. Some of us are writing sentences too!

Our reading time consisted of working on alphabet books this week. Here are some of the books we read. We enjoyed our crafts and alphabet scavenger hunts. For those wanting reinforcement, I am using the Leapfrog Letter Factory to work on letter sounds. This is available on Youtube if you are interested in reinforcing the letter sounds. We are working on hand motions that go with each letter and sound.

Our sight word this week was "can".

In social studies, we talked about freedom and what it means. We worked on the pledge to the American flag and the Texas flag. We also learned about American symbols.

In math, we have been working on numbers 1-10. We introduced the tens frame and worked with combinations of ten. We read Pete the Cat and His Groovy Buttons and made combinations of ten in our math journals. 

We played lots of math games to help us learn combinations of ten, working with dice, tens frames and dominoes.

Here are some of the math games you might want to play with your child online.

The students enjoyed having lunch with their grandparents. Thank you for those that were able to come.

Library books came home today. Please remember to send them back in their bag every Friday.

Don't forget to send in the order for your field trip t-shirts by next Friday too.

Important dates:
Friday, September 16th, 7:45- Assembly day, meet in the cafeteria. Parents welcome

Wednesday, September 28th, 12:45- Early release day

Homework: Please remember to read every night for 15 minutes. Practice name writing with a capital letter at the beginning and all lowercase letters (Ex: Shauna). Write number 1-20 and letters of the alphabet.

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